Sunday, May 20, 2018

Being a MOM

One time my daughter asked me if I regret having kids - having her and her two brothers. Of course I assured her that she and her two brothers are my greatest blessing and most precious treasures. I have no regrets being a mother, no matter how tough being a mom is.

My children taught me so many things. I learned the true meaning of the word RESPONSIBILITY from my first born. The first tears I shed when I had him wasn't tears of joy, but tears of realisation that I am about to face the most challenging role in this world.

My second child, my lovely daughter, she made me realised that my happiness is different from my children's happiness. She taught me that in every relationship, there must always be RESPECT. She also taught me how to listen and be more understanding. Now I know and have accepted that in all aspects my kids are so much different from me.

The youngest made me appreciate motherhood. To enjoy it and savour every moment of being a mom. He made me realised that the answer to my prayers are already in front of me, and that's them - my kids.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Man's Best Friend

I never consider myself a dog lover. I find dogs cute and adorable, but to really like and love them is another thing. In fact, I am SCARED of dogs - little, medium, big - the size does not really matter, I'm scared of them period.

My daughter, however, is my opposite. She loves animals especially dogs -  all breeds and sizes of dogs! She always begging me if she can have one. And because I love my daughter so much, I gave in to her non-stop pleas.

February 11, 2010 when my family of five became six! But the sixth member has four legs and so fluffy like a teddy bear 😍. Toby...that's what we named this gorgeous lad.
Image may contain: dog

I vividly remember his first night at home, it was a nightmare. It was like having a newborn baby again! My kids, my mother-in-law and I tried to make him stay at the back yard so that he can be trained as an outside dog. But that's way far from possible. All night he was howling. The kids sang songs to settle him, my mother-in-law placed a hot water bag underneath his bed and then wrapped him in a blanket.  All those tactics failed. In the end, I cuddled him and let him sleep on my chest for  three long nights! Gradually, I trained him to sleep in the laundry room and on his bed. In short, I became his Mom.

Eight years later, I still can't believe that I have this capacity to love another creature - a dog. Toby made me realized that dogs know how to love unconditionally and they do know what loyalty means. Toby will do everything and anything to protect me and my family.

Now, I fully understand why dogs are called man's best friend and why this four legged fluffy lad is called a dog. DOG spelled backwards is GOD 💓.

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First day at home

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Who wants to play with me?

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Toby's first lesson- Sit
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When behaving well

Image may contain: dog
At the play-ground

Image may contain: dog
Wanting to enter the house

Image may contain: dog
Playing dress-up

Image may contain: indoor
A music lover

Image may contain: stripes
Copying Panda

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Image may contain: dog and indoor
When not in the mood to share his toy
Image may contain: dog and indoor
Ready for Prom

Image may contain: dog and indoor
Smiling Toby

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Solid ALDUB Fan

First time in my many years of existence that I started to follow a showbiz love team. Because of this LT (shortcut for love team) I learned how to tweet.You wonder who is this LT that I am so "crazy" about? ALDUB 💑

Image result for aldub july 16

ALDUB stands for Alden and Yaya Dub (whose real name is Maine, Philippines' Dubsmash Queen). It all started in split screen, Alden in the studio while Yaya Dub or Maine in the barangay. Yaya Dub's character  is snobbish, she doesn't smile. Except for that unforgettable Thursday the 16th of July 2015,  when she saw Alden on the screen 😍. The rest as they say is history...

More than two years have passed and I still could not explain why I am so crazy with ALDUB. Probably because Alden and Maine have this special chemistry that I have not seen in other love teams. They can make you smile, laugh, cry and make you feel young at heart. They can also make you fall in love over and over again. In short they bring MAGIC 💓.

I am one of their many fans who wish to see them end up together in real life. It is also fine with me  if this does not happen (but I am still hoping and praying that they will end up together!). I guess what is important is that they have touched and still touching many lives, making people happy (especially when they are together!) and bringing hope to those hopelessly romantic individuals 😍.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lesson 101: How to raise a child

As a parent, I often asked myself  if there is such a thing as guidelines how to raise a child. It's a fact that having a child comes great responsibilities - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually ( Oh yes, I become more prayerful when I became a mom!) and the most important one ☝️ FINANCIALLY. But these are already given. What I am often caught unprepared is how to discipline my kids, teaching them the difference of good from bad, how to answer their out of this world questions...and the list goes on and on and on...

A friend told me that the best thing I can give my children is my TIME. I need to be there for them always, especially during their teenage years. Honestly, I don't understand this at first. I don't know how much of my time I need to give my kids - 50, 60, or 100%? 😱Now, I realised I need to give 101% of my time to them.

If you asked me if it is worth-it to put on-hold everything for my three beautiful angels 😇, my answer is a big YES. Their happiness is my happiness, their success is my success. Everything my kids do reflect on me as a parent (and as a person). The most unforgettable comment my husband and I received came from my eldest son's  HS teacher - the teacher told my son that he must have good parents for him to become a well-mannered young man 😊.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Store Brands

Many still are debating whether to choose leading brands or store brands when doing the grocery shopping, and I am no exeption to them. But as time flies many people opted to select store brand products over the leading brand. Main reason the PRICE. I guess we are becoming more price conscious and we want to be in control of our budget.

Choosing store brands does not mean you are sacrificng the quality. Honestly, there are store brand products which you can't tell the difference from the leading brand (except of course the price!). Here in AU there are plenty of store brands to choose from...there's Home Brand and Select of Woolworths, Smart Buy of  Coles, Black & Gold, No Frills, etc. Most of the time I do my weekly grocery shopping at Woolworths or Coles because of the store's proximity from my house.

So which one do I prefer, Woolworths brand or Coles brand? Yes, even store brands differ from each other!

Toilet Cleaning Items

Kitchen Items (dishwashing liquid, scouring pads, etc.)

Toilet Paper
Chicken Nuggets
Prepared fish fillets

Ice cream


With prices of household items going up to often,  it's about time to be wise.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

To My Daughter

My daughter's school asked parents of Year 12 students to write an affirmation letter to their son/daughter. The letter will be handed to the students during their retreat.

Honestly, I don't know what to tell my daughter. There are so many things that I wanted to tell her. But it is so difficult to put my thoughts into writing.

If by any chance my baby girl will stumble upon this blog, this is what I wanted to tell her...

My Dearest Chloe,

There are times when our ideas clashed. There are times when I can see you disagreeing with my decision but cannot express your disapproval because you knew that your dad and I will never tolerate you and your siblings to answer us back. But during those times that we are on opposite directions, your good manners and respect to your dad and I are always there.

I am so blessed that you are my daughter. At a very young age you know how to run a household. At times when I am in a not-so-good mood you are always there ready to rescue me. When I am sick you are there to be my little nurse. 

Your way of thinking is so beyond your age. Often times I wonder if you are an old soul trapped in a 16 year old body. 

This year is a very important year for you. I know you are excited to find out what the future holds for you. No need to worry my love, I am sure that it will be beautiful.

Do not be afraid to try and then fail, this is better that not trying at all. Always be mindful of your manners and never ever make someone feel inferior.

Offer all works to God and be thankful for all your blessings.

Keep in mind all the advices that your dad and I have been telling you. And always pray and seek God's guidance. Like what I am always telling you and your brothers, I am not after having the best child, all I hope for is you to become a good, compassionate, loving and most importantly God fearing person.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Online Survey Reward

So happy to recive my reward gift voucher from Valued Opinions. I've been their member for about five years, and it was my first time to claim the points I have collected.

Though it took awhile for me to collect the points I needed to claim a $20 gift voucher, but  it is still worth it! Nowadays $20 is still something big.

It's so easy to join Valued Opinions and everyday I receive online survey invitations from them. To those who are actively online it is worth trying to be come part of an online survey company. Good use of your "surfing" the net time.